December 02, 2023

Hidilyn Diaz shows support for up-and-coming weightlifters in Zamboanga

Hidilyn Diaz shows support for up-and-coming weightlifters in Zamboanga
Coach Jeaneth Aro

Hidilyn Diaz is truly an inspiration to many children who want to be weightlifters as well in the future.

Diaz recently took the time out to book a trip to Zamboanga to watch the weightlifting tryout for the Samahang Weightlifting ng Pilipinas (SWP) Nationals.

Diaz shared photos of her with the kids, even taking videos of them lifting weights. In fact, Diaz even saw some of her nephews competing in the tryouts.

“I'm happy to see 4 of my nephews participating in this event, following their weightlifting dreams as well,” Diaz wrote in her post.” It warms my heart to see these kids enjoying the sport with friends, focusing on making their lifts rather than just winning.”

Despite her busy schedule, the 32-year-old Filipina weightlifer has been known to show her support to Filipino weightlifters in the country.

“Kudos to these little weightlifters and their coaches for nurturing and guiding their talent,” added Diaz. “I can't wait to watch them succeed because of their dedication to the sport.”

For these kids and their coaches, seeing an Olympic gold medalist like Hidilyn Diaz will certainly mean a lot as they aspire to be like her someday.

Diaz is coming off an impressive fourth place finish in the Asian Weightlifting Championship in Jinju, Korea, where she tested her mettle in a higher weight class. 

Lately, she’s been preparing once more for her future competitions as she looks to get acclimated to her new weight class.

Maybe one day, one of these kids will be an Olympic medalist as well.

But, for now, it’s safe to say that the future of Philippine weightlifting is looking brighter than ever.