June 11, 2023

Marck Espejo wishes he has this useful tool in Metro Manila

Marck Espejo wishes he has this useful tool in Metro Manila
Spikers' Turf

Siargao has charmed and claimed yet another personality with the idyllic and leisurely lifestyle.

That latest personality is Cignal HD Spikers' Marck Espejo, who is soaking much of the Philippine sun and sand before heading to the Land of the Morning Calm.

And he seems to be particularly enjoying one aspectriding across Siargao on a motorcycle, some 40 kilometers of it.

"Had so much fun riding a motorcycle around Siargao. I hope I had one back in Manila," he posted on Instagram on Friday.

"Bekenemen," he joked, to which fellow volleyball import Bryan Bagunas obliged and tagged the accounts of motorcyle and scooter brands in the country.

Espejo has recently made history, becoming one of the first Filipinos to be drafted in the Korean V-League.

He was selected third overall by the Incheon Korean Air Jumbos in the Korean V-League as part of the Asian Player Quota. The squad won the tournament four times—three of them coming consecutively since the 2020-21 season.

Petro Gazz Angels' MJ Phillips will be joining him in Korea, having been drafted in the women's tournament for the Gwangju AI Peppers.