July 19, 2024

No ‘last season’ in sports: Concept store promises can’t-miss deals for enthusiasts

No ‘last season’ in sports: Concept store promises can’t-miss deals for enthusiasts
Planet Sports

Sports, for the pros, is competition and a source of income. For the greater part of the world’s population, though, a sport is a simply a game to enjoy. It provides a reprieve from life’s worries. It’s a way to get active and to connect with people.

Sports is fun but also addictive, just ask cyclists who get diagnosed with “upgraditis” or hoopers who run to the neighborhood court even when given even just the least of free time. The devotion, sometimes, can cost money. This is where one’s Divisoria skills can be put to use. Sports enthusiasts need to have an eye for the best deals out there—because unlike in fashion, last season in sports only means better prices.

Planet Sports is showcasing a new feature within its stores to help these deal seekers: a “last call area” to provide a haven of last season’s items for the weekend sporting warriors, everyday gym goers, or just about anyone who loves sports.

"With the presence of the new face of Planet Sports across Metro Manila, we provide an enhanced shopping experience for sports and casual products featuring a wide selection of international brands to meet consumers' healthy and active lifestyle." said Dirk Boerma, Country Manager of MAP Active Philippines.

And with more stores slated to open in Metro Manila and other parts of the country, aficionados can only expect more options as the retailer promises to add more international brands to its portfolio.

Probably a good time to have “upgraditis” and give yourself a treat of a better sporting experience.

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