April 14, 2024

"Stars align" in having Tim Cone finally coach Gilas Pilipinas for real

"Stars align" in having Tim Cone finally coach Gilas Pilipinas for real
“I think all the stars had to align..."
In the end, all roads led to Tim Cone becoming the new head coach for Gilas Pilipinas Men.


While it would seem natural to hand the national team to the winningest coach in Philippine basketball history, coach Tim being the new Gilas coach wasn’t exactly as simple as being a yes or no question.


“I think all the stars had to align, number one,” Cone told One News’ The Big Story.


“Number two, they had to want me first of all. I think there were other people that they talked to and they did a search, they brought me in for an interview,” he added.


Part of the process in the whole coach Tim to Gilas Pilipinas was him sharing his vision on how the national team would work and how it would succeed.


The powers that be being okay with that vision ultimately led to Cone being the new head coach, giving him his first chance to take over the Gilas program for FIBA competition.


“I had to walk in and share a vision of how we thought the program could be successful and not disrupt all the stakeholders, I'm talking about the PBA, the UAAP, and the NCAA, all the leagues and such in a way we wouldn't also wear out the players,” coach Tim explained.


“They kind of accepted that vision, they thought it was workable and I think that's why I'm sitting here talking to you right now,” he added.