May 29, 2024

MPL-PH: Difference in mindset pushes ONIC past erstwhile-perfect AP.Bren in marquee Season 13 showdown

MPL-PH: Difference in mindset pushes ONIC past erstwhile-perfect AP.Bren in marquee Season 13 showdown
ONIC Philippines maximized their strengths in ending AP.Bren’s perfect start to Season 13 | Photo (c) MPL Philippines

It’s ONIC time in the MPL Philippines.


M5 and MPL Philippines champion AP.Bren’s cloak of invincibility has been shattered with a first loss in Season 13, falling to the hands of ONIC Philippines. 


Strategy and execution are big keys to victory in esports, but they could also cost a team if they have even a hint of miscalculation. ONIC pounced as soon as AP.Bren hesitated, resulting in the team’s signature win of the season.


“I don’t want to assume, pero nagmukha kasing nag-overthink yung Bren, over sa mga nakaraang linggo namin," ONIC head coach Tony “Ynot” Senedrin said, when asked about what he thought went wrong with AP.Bren.


“Perhaps ‘yun yung difference, mindset. Kami kasi we just went in, na ang mindset lang namin is gawin kung saan kami pinakamalakas. So execute lang ‘yun. Nakita na lang sa results,” coach Ynot added.


ONIC seemed to have read AP.Bren’s key strategies and stunned them to fall out of momentum, leading to a surprise sweep.


“‘Yung first game actually outdrafted talaga kami doon. ‘Yung second game, there [were] just communication issues na sobrang glaring, na aayusin namin ‘pag uwi namin,” AP. Bren coach Francis “Duckey” Glindro said.


'Meron din mga off-timed na mga initiations," he added. 


AP.Bren also utilized the drafts and strategies that they were developing during the scrimmages, but it was not enough to outshine ONIC.


“Kami-kami lahat ‘yun. Napagkasunduan naman ‘yun. ‘Yung game one draft kasi namin ayun ‘yung mina-master namin sa scrimmages tapos nakikita namin gumagana, so nag try kami this MPL [match],” Captain Angelo “Phew” Arcangel revealed. 


Despite the bitter loss, Coach Ducky commended ONIC’s display of excellence at the Land of Dawn and described them as one of the best teams this season. 


The MPL Philippines Season 13 continues Sunday with the conclusion of week 4. ONIC will duel with ECHO Philippines, while AP.Bren will try to bounce back against Blacklist International.