May 24, 2024

Taekwondo yellow belter out of hospital, to change schools after sparring incident gone wrong

Taekwondo yellow belter out of hospital, to change schools after sparring incident gone wrong
The video of the 17-year-old taekwondo yellow belter sparring with a black belter has gone viral on social media. | Photo (c) Screenshot from Page ni Alpoks

The 17-year-old female taekwondo jin, who had been hospitalized due to her injuries after her coach allegedly set her up to spar with a heavier male black belter, is already out of the hospital but full recovery may take up to six months.

According to a report by One PH Mobile Journalist Kyla Macantan, the sparring incident and its aftermath has also prompted a decision to switch schools.

The sparring incident-gone-wrong became viral before Holy Week. The 17-year-old jin was left with bruises beneath her eye, along with a broken nose and busted lip, leading to her hospitalization.

The video of the sparring incident, which took place in February, was apparently already Round 2.

"Dun pa lang sa Round 1, ilang beses na siyang tumumba. Pinilit siyang tumayo ulit," Macantan reported in a One PH report. "Sabi ng kanyang ina, sa Round 1 pa lang, napuntirya na 'yung kanyang mukha. Bugbog na. Pero 'yung pinaka-talagang naging cause na maging 50/50 [ay] 'yung ilong, kailangang sumailalim sa operasyon. 'Yung buong katawan, puno ng pasa."

As per the World Taekwondo Belts system, a yellow belt represents the second-lowest rank, typically achieved by beginners within two to three months of training in the martial art, following the initial white belt stage. In contrast, the black belt stands as the pinnacle of achievement, signifying the highest rank attainable and is usually achieved in about four years.

Right after the female jin's fall, her mother was called.

"Dahil nga daw nadulas, ayon sa coach," Macantan said in her report. "Tapos ang explanation ng coach, fair naman daw ang nangyayari. Wala naman daw nangyaring pagbubugbog sa victim."

After one month, there was no more communication with the school, the coach, and the black belter--who is also a minor.

Allegations suggest that her coach orchestrated a sparring match with a significantly larger and heavier opponent, a move that has sparked outrage and calls for accountability.

Charges have since been lodged against the coach by law enforcement for contravening Republic Act No. 7610, also known as the Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation, and Discrimination Act.

In response to the controversy, the Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) said it has started a probe into the matter.

"The PTA has been notified about this incident and we have initiated our primary investigation, working closely with our PTA Officers and PTA Regional Directors," the sports body said in a statement.

"We are working within our jurisdiction in determining the facts of the events to ensure accountability within our community," it added.