February 28, 2024

Abante Babae: Know more about Filipinas’ Carleigh Frilles, Meryll Serrano

Abante Babae: Know more about Filipinas’ Carleigh Frilles, Meryll Serrano
Art by Royce Nicdao

Carleigh Frilles and Meryll Serrano are joining the 23-player lineup that will represent the Philippines in the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup. It wasn’t a surprise that both of them made the cut as they’ve been showing out for the Philippine women’s national football team (PWNFT) on a consistent basis.

Their proficiency on the pitch is enough reason for anyone to become a fan. But there’s a lot more to admire about Frilles and Serrano besides their exquisite soccer skills.

Just like what we did with Sarina Bolden and Quinley Quezada, let’s get to know the two forwards of the PWNFT a little bit more.

Name: Carleigh Bennet Frilles

Position: Forward/Midfielder

Age: 21

Birthplace: Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Club: Blacktown Spartans FC

Frilles has been representing the Philippines internationally for quite a while now. She was a key member of the under-14 national squad, and she did a great job carrying her talents over to the next level. With the senior team, she became the fastest to reach 37 caps, while also scoring 12 goals in between.

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“I think we have proven that we can do well against these highly rated teams. We’re going to be like super prepared. I’m confident in our abilities to make it past the group stage,” Frilles said on the Futbol Brew podcast last February.

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Carleigh has that winning style down for years.

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Frilles is not one to be messed with on the field, especially when she’s got the football right around her ultra-quick feet. Here are some highlights that Carleigh herself compiled from her 2022 PWNFT season.

Name: Maria Meryll Krysteen Abrahamsen Rosales Serrano

Position: Forward

Age: 25

Birthplace: Veavagen, Norway

Club: Stabaek IF

Since her Filipinas debut last November, Serrano has regularly suited up for the Philippines outside of the Southeast Asian Games. Apart from her absence in the biennial meet, the talented 25-year-old has been on a scoring spree as she had been able to deliver at least a goal for the PWNFT in every tournament she’s been a part of.

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“I was shocked when I scored on my first touch. At first I thought it wouldn't go in, because it wasn't a particularly good shot. I am left-footed. I got the ball on the right and just had to try," Serrano told Haugesunds Avis after scoring in her debut match for Norwegian club Avaldsnes in 2015.

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Meryll’s Tiktok game is fire. Check her out leading the Filipinas into doing a hilarious dance routine in front of the camera.




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This is Serrano impressively converting a free kick against world number 23 Scotland in the 2023 Pinatar Cup.

The Filipinas are set to make their historic debut in the FIFA Women's World Cup on July 21. It sure is nice to know the Philippine contingent’s best footballers on a deeper level heading into game’s ultimate battle. With that in mind, expect Frilles, Serrano, and the rest of their teammates to arrive in New Zealand ready to rise up to the occasion like they always do.