May 29, 2024

PVL: More on Charlie, the love of Vanie Gandler’s life

PVL: More on Charlie, the love of Vanie Gandler’s life
Vanie Gandler and her pet cat, Charlie. Art by Megumi Taguchi/One Sports

Vanie Gandler’s days are filled with rigorous training, intense matches, and constant striving for excellence on the court.

But amid the hustle and bustle of her promising career, the Cignal HD Spikers hotshot returns to her cozy abode and gets greeted by the soft purrs and gentle nuzzles of her beloved feline companion, Charlie.

“Charlie is great,” Gandler cheerily shared.

“He’s very quiet, very chill lang. He’s very kind.”


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Vanie had a chance encounter with her furry buddy last year. 

Scrolling through her feed one day, Gandler stumbled upon the handsome British Shorthair cat that instantly captured her heart. A meow-ment she’ll never fur-get.

And from that point on, Vanie knew that Charlie was the cat-ch of her life. 

“Actually when I saw Charlie like in the page na I bought him, I really knew na he looked like a Charlie that’s why I was like, ‘Now I named him, now I have to buy him’. So, yeah. I named him before I bought him. So I was like I have to buy him,” the 23-year-old chuckled, recalling the paw-sitive twist of fate that brought them together.


"Charlie’s breed, they’re so chonky and round. I found it super cute."

Charlie has instantly become a cherished presence in Vanie’s life.

Despite her demanding schedule, the promising outside hitter ensures that she carves out precious moments to spend with her fur-ever partner each day.




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my buddy for life

? Dear Theodosia - Leslie Odom Jr. & Lin-Manuel Miranda



For Gandler, the decision to bring Charlie into her life was rooted in the desire for companionship and the appeal of a cat’s usually low-maintenance nature.

“I’m alone lang in my condo, so why not?” the former Ateneo stalwart said.

“That’s why I wanted a cat because they’re low maintenance. They can survive on their own as long as you leave them with food and water.”

As Gandler continues to make waves in the 2024 PVL All-Filipino Conference, Charlie remains a constant presence – a haven of love and understanding that serves as a reminder of the simple joys that make life truly purr-fect.