June 25, 2024

MPL PH: Blacklist International eliminates Fnatic ONIC PH, secures upper bracket berth

MPL PH: Blacklist International eliminates Fnatic ONIC PH, secures upper bracket berth
Blacklist International mental fortitude was on full display after mounting a reverse sweep against Fnatic ONIC PH. | MPL (c) MPL Philippines

Blacklist International went for back-to-back victories in the opening day of the MPL Philippines Season 13 playoffs, after beating Fnatic ONIC PH, 3-1, at the SM Southmall on Wednesday.

In Game One, Fnatic ONIC PH drafted a teamfight-initiating lineup against Blacklist International.

Aside from the aggressive style that gave Blacklist a hard time securing objectives, Fnatic ONIC PH flexed a perfect outer turret defense as they utilized the Lou Yi of Frince “Super Frince” Ramirez for swift map rotation.

Jomarie "Escalera" Santos on Grock and Super Frince on Lou Yi operated like a well-oiled machinery, pressuring the gold lane and disrupting Blacklist’s positioning. The Sonics dominated Game One with a lopsided 14-5 kill score against the Codebreakers.

Escalera’s fearless initiations on Grock with a 2-0-9 KDA was hailed as the MVP.

In Game Two, Fnatic ONIC PH only led by a small gold margin in the early game as Blacklist slowly put the momentum in their favor with cautiousness and patience.

Blacklist turned the tides after taking down two outer turrets on Fnatic ONIC PH’s side and Edward “Edward” Dapadap’s flashy primal wrath and flicker spell combo on Edith for a trade-off.

Fnatic ONIC PH reclaimed their space in the map after Duane “Kelra” Pillas stole the lord objective with Natan during the nine-minute lord dance.

But, the Codebreakers quickly answered with a rundown against the Sonics as Stephen “Sensui” Castillo on Fredrinn scored a double kill. Fnatic ONIC PH held off Blacklist with their impenetrable base defense, managing to extend the game until the 25-minute mark.

However, the lord fight during the 24-minute period was the moment of truth for the Codebreakers.

Salic “Hadji” Imam on Minotaur secured the lord objective, and the Codebreakers picked off four Sonics as a bonus. With only Jem "Jem" Lanojan on Yu Zhong left to defend the Fnatic ONIC PH’s base, Blacklist called for a base siege.

Blacklist tied the series at one apiece against Fnatic ONIC PH, courtesy of Kenneth “Yue” Tadeo on Vexana with a 2-1-11 KDA.

In Game Three, Blacklist was unfazed and carried their momentum as they constantly pestered King “K1NGKONG” Perez on Ling. Without the blue buff, K1NGKONG and the Sonics found themselves in a difficult position to engage in team fights and contest lord objectives.

Blacklist took a commanding lead with a 2-1 victory over Fnatic ONIC PH, credits to Hadji’s perfectly-timed combos on Edith with a 4-2-1 KDA and perfect kill participation.

The Codebreakers remain jitterless in the fourth game, confidently picking Nana for a match-point game. Giving a masterclass on discipline, Blacklist did not concede any deaths until the seven-minute mark skirmish at the turtle side.

Fnatic ONIC PH made valiant efforts during the 15-minute period of the lord dance against Blacklist. On the other hand, Edward flexed his mechanical skills and attention to details on Arlott with a final slash play to push away K1NGKONG from the lord objective.

Blacklist’s crucial pick-off against K1NGKONG and Kelra during a nearly 19-minute mark clash in the middle lane and jungle area resulted in taking down the lord without any contention. The turretless base of Fnatic ONIC PH could no longer hold the immense pressure of Blacklist’s push.

Blacklist capped off the first day of MPL-PH Season 13 playoffs on a high note, courtesy of Edward’s impeccable zoning capabilities on Arlott with a 4-2-4 KDA.

Blacklist will face Falcons AP.Bren in an upper bracket match this Thursday.