April 25, 2024

In Photos: New threads for former F2 Logistics standouts

In Photos: New threads for former F2 Logistics standouts
The busiest PVL offseason is done, is F2 Logistics players were on the move.
Easily one of the most shocking volleyball stories of 2023 was F2 Logistics disbanding its ultra-successful volleyball team.


It was rather unfortunate sure, but looking at it on a more positive note, it was the first big domino to fall in what has become the busiest and craziest PVL offseason ever.


The talented former Cargo Movers needed to find new homes, they deserved to.


They did, and so here they are... well most of them (a couple were absent during #PVLMediaDay).


Kianna Dy - PLDT High Speed Hitters


Majoy Baron - PLDT High Speed Hitters


Kim Fajardo - PLDT High Speed Hitters


Aby Maraño - Chery Tiggo Crossovers


Ara Galang - Chery Tiggo Crossovers


Chinnie Arroyo - Farm Fresh Foxies


Ely Kasilag - Farm Fresh Foxies


Jov Fernandez - Cignal HD Spikers


Dawn Macandili-Catindig - Cignal HD Spikers


Ethan Arce - Petro Gazz Angels


Joy Dacoron - Petro Gazz Angels


Shola Alvarez - Galeries Towers Highrisers


Rovie Instrella - Capital1 Power Spikers


Mars Alba - Choco Mucho Flying Titans


Ivy Lacsina - Nxled Chameleons