April 02, 2023

Happy Chinese New Year from Klay Thompson and Darius Garland

Happy Chinese New Year from Klay Thompson and Darius Garland
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports | Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With just a few days before the Chinese New Year, Golden State’s Klay Thompson and Cleveland’s Darius Garland made sure to greet their Chinese supporters ahead of their match on Saturday.

Thompson and Garland were both featured in an NBA promotional video for Chinese New Year, which highlighted the passion that Chinese fans have for the NBA.

At the end of the video, the two NBA stars were seen greeting their fans, “xinnián kuàilè,” which means “Happy New Year” in Mandarin.

It’s safe to say that the NBA has become a global phenomenon. With players from all over the world and a fan base spanning every continent, the NBA has transcended borders and cultures.

Additionally, the league has made a concerted effort to expand its reach globally through partnerships, international games, and the creation of a global digital presence.

Fans all over the globe, especially in China, will definitely be looking forward to the Warriors-Cavs match.

Both the Warriors and the Cavs will look to bounce back from tough losses from their previous opponent. Cleveland currently sits at 5th in the East with a 28-18 record, while Golden State is still looking for their stride with a 22-23 record, good for only 9th in the West.