December 01, 2023

Richard Jefferson hilariously reacts to Filipinos answering Steph Curry trivia question

Richard Jefferson hilariously reacts to Filipinos answering Steph Curry trivia question
TikTok/Richard Jefferson

Aside from the players, coaches, and celebrities, one of the more visible personalities during the FIBA World Cup was popular content creator Bebida Tailgate.

Matthew Shaw in real life, he is known for asking sports-related trivia questions, and several Filipinos, including PBA players Gabe Norwood and Von Pessumal, were put to the test.

One particular video of Bebida Tailgate, however, caught the attention of former NBA star Richard Jefferson. Two Filipinos were asked: Which three of Stephen Curry's teammates have the most career points?

The top answer, Kevin Durant, was pretty obvious. But a bit surprisingly, Klay Thompson isn't in the top three, as he's in the fourth spot. The two Filipinos then blurted out other players—David West (fifth), Andre Iguodala (sixth), Draymond Green (NO), Leandro Barbosa (come on, now), Mo Speights (LOL)—before correctly naming Monta Ellis at the third spot. 

At this point, Jefferson wasn't on their radar. But who can blame them? RJ only played a single season with Curry in 2012-2013. Bebida Tailgate gave clues before they finally thought of Jefferson, aptly describing him as "The Bald Guy."

The one-time NBA champion stitched the video on his TikTok with the caption, "The way y'all ended this was disrespectful." He hilariously reacted to "The Bald Guy" comment by—you know what, we're totally ruining it with all these words—just watch the video:

@bebida.tailgate Dub Nation stand up! #stephcurry #warriors #basketball #nba ? original sound - Bebida

For the record, Jefferson was legit during his prime. He was a two-way player, had elite-level athleticism, and was among the top open-court guys in the league. In his 18-year NBA career, he scored 14,904 points. 

He would definitely be in the upper tier. Of the top bald guys in NBA history. Brian Cardinal won't be though.