December 02, 2023

Confidence or cockiness? Stephen Curry gives bold take on GOAT point guard discussion

Confidence or cockiness? Stephen Curry gives bold take on GOAT point guard discussion
Facebook/Stephen Curry

Steph Curry recently appeared on Gil’s Arena and was put on the hot seat by the show’s host, former NBA player Gilbert Arenas. The Golden State Warriors superstar was asked if he’s the greatest point guard ever. Almost in an instant, Curry gave a short affirmative response. 

“Yes,” the 35-year-old floor general said. 

He then proceeded to put his bold reply in context by practically saying that he has no choice but to bet on himself. 

“I have to, yes,” Curry continued. 

Of course, when it comes to GOAT point guard conversations, the name Magic Johnson must come up. Curry took it upon himself to bring the Los Lakers Lakers’ legend into the discussion.  

“It's me and Magic [Johnson]. Is that the conversation? Magic's resume is ridiculous. So, the fact that we're even having that conversation is ridiculous. It's a place that I'd never thought I'd be in,” the nine-time NBA All-Star explained. 

So, is Curry being too cocky by putting himself above the Magic man? Does he have a legit case? A quick comparison might reveal the answer. 

In terms of championships, Magic has five while Curry has four. When it comes to MVP trophies, Magic has 3 in the regular season and as many in the finals. Curry on the other hand, is a 2-time regular season MVP and has one Finals MVP plum. Magic is the better passer with a career average of 11.2 assists to Curry’s 6.5. In the scoring department, the NBA’s consensus greatest shooter is the runaway winner. 

Who’s more influential? Well, Magic paved the way by showing that it’s possible for big guys to play with guard-like skills. Curry, meanwhile, undoubtedly spearheaded the game’s three-point revolution. 

With that in mind, who are you guys taking?