December 01, 2023

LeBron James might've just revealed—kind of—latest skinny on his longevity

LeBron James might

While most 38-year-olds are Googling home remedies for back pain or YouTubing old Limp Bizkit hits, LeBron James is gearing up for his 21st NBA season.

His NBA career has lasted more than all of Britney Spears' marriages combined. 

The Los Angeles Lakers star has touted in the past how he intricately takes care of his body, even spending as much as $1 million annually to make sure he's in tiptop shape. Enough for him to still bulldoze against players younger than him—which is 99% of the NBA.

But it seems like he's added another secret to his longevity. Sort of. On Wednesday, The King posted a video on Instagram showing off different products of SJ Skincare. 

"Testing out the ingredients, products, and all. Don’t hate if y’all see my face start shining and looking apart! It ain’t my fault, don’t blame me!" wrote LeBron in the caption. 

SJ Skincare is the latest business venture of LeBron's wife, Savannah James. So yeah, the four-time NBA MVP is one proud hubby for flexing the products on social media. It seemed like Savannah still wanted to keep them under wraps, but LeBron said, ¯\_(?)_/¯.

"She has no idea I’m posting this cause she would actually kill me but f it. I’m excited for what’s to come when she’s ready for y’all to join her journey!" added LBJ.

Is SJ Skincare now part of his daily regimen? We're not sure. What we're sure of is that LeBron likes to look good (picking Pharrell William's "Beautiful" as the background music for the video was a nice touch).

Looking good equals feeling good. And feeling good is a largely underrated facet of staying long in the NBA. It supplements the attitude, mindset, and character. But of course, it also helps when your name is LeBron James.

Maybe when the Lakers megastar serves up a nasty facial on a hapless defender in the upcoming NBA season, he could also apply some SJ Skincare on him. 

We, however, all know the real secret to LeBron's longevity: Listen to the wife.