June 11, 2023

Embattled Ja Morant posts cryptic series of IG Stories, worries netizens

Embattled Ja Morant posts cryptic series of IG Stories, worries netizens
Petre Thomas/USA Today Sports

It is mostly prudent to not read anything into people’s social media posts, let alone connect the dots.

But in the case of Ja Morant’s latest Instagram Stories, it can be hard not to be worried about the 23-year-old, who is looking at a potentially lengthy suspension after getting embroiled in another gun-brandishing incident.

On Wednesday night, Morant posted four Instagram Stories with cryptic captions. One of the pictures was of Morant in shootaround with his mother in the background and captioned “love ya ma Y.” Another was a photo of the young guard getting an embrace from his father, with the caption “love ya pops Y. The third was of Morant and his daughter and captioned “you da greatest babygirl Y love ya.” The last was of Morant being interviewed, with the caption “bye.”

Morant’s IG Stories have since been deleted, but not after eagle-eyed netizens took screenshots of the cryptic posts.

Netizens are naturally perturbed, with many wishing the best for the young Grizzly. A few are speculating that Morant will be taking a break from social media, and that he is merely expressing love for three of the most important people in his life.  

Of course, the deleted IG Stories could mean anything. They could even mean nothing. But whatever the case may be, the hope now is for Morant to get his affairs in order and steer clear of controversy.