March 02, 2024

LeBron James’ wife Savannah is a real queen doing this for their daughter

LeBron James’ wife Savannah is a real queen doing this for their daughter
Instagram/LeBron James

“My beautiful wife has been… I mean she’s the real MVP if you wanna be completely honest."

LeBron James said this about his wife Savannah when he broke the NBA all-time scoring record last February. That speaks a lot about The King being LeHusband, but more importantly, about the impact of Savannah as the "Queen" of the James household.

In an interview with Vogue, Savannah gave a sneak peek of her life as the James' matriarch, particularly her relationship with eight-year-old daughter Zhuri. In intimate revelation, Mrs. James shared how they bond over hair and hairstyle. (No LeBald jokes allowed around here).

Despite their fortune and riches, Savannah said she personally does Zhuri's hair, and the reason will touch a lot of hearts.

"It’s important for me [to do her hair] because it’s something that I did with my mom,” Savannah said.

“It was a true bonding time that we had, and a time for her to instill confidence in me, tell me that my hair is beautiful, and embrace my curls. I do the same with Zhuri, and we can have an open dialogue about not just hair, but other things too."

Savannah herself had a long journey about her hair, just like her husband LeBron. (Again, no LeBald jokes accepted here!)

Apparently, the 36-year-old mother wasn't happy with her hairdo when Bron took her to prom in high school.

More than two decades later, and Savannah is slaying.


One could only imagine how hard it is to live up as LeBron's wife with the watchful but sometimes disdainful eyes of the public. Although, the future basketball Hall of Famer has proven time and time again how good of a family man he is, there's still pressure to Savannah, even in "simple" matters like hair.

But Savannah is not fazed at all. As cliche as it sounds, behind a successful King, there is a strong, fashionable, and slaying (yas) Queen.

"Mom always instilled a certain level of confidence and self-assurance in me, so I didn’t go into LeBron being in the NBA and having all these spotlights around thinking that I needed to change anything about myself."