March 02, 2024

‘We did it for you’: Filipinas’ Sarina Bolden shows love to Filipinos after FIFA Women's World Cup exit

‘We did it for you’: Filipinas’ Sarina Bolden shows love to Filipinos after FIFA Women
FIFA Women's World Cup

The Philippine women’s national football team may not have accomplished its ambitious goal of barging into the knockout stages of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, but Sarina Bolden is unbowed.

In fact, she is super proud of the team and what it has accomplished. The Filipinas just happen to run into a superior team in Norway, who had its back against the wall and played with a palpable sense of urgency to dispatch the Filipinas on Sunday at Eden Park Stadium.

“Norway’s a super strong team, a team that has a lot of experience, not only in the World Cup but professionally,” Bolden said in an interview shared by Radyo Pilipinas 2 Sports' Aaron Bayato.

“The best team won today,” she admitted afterward.

Bolden, though, is hopeful the Filipinas will be able to use their maiden showing at the FIFA Women’s World Cup as a springboard for something bigger.

“A lot of learning points for us that we can take away and learn from,” Bolden said. “Overall, our first World Cup, debutants, I’m really proud. I’m so proud of this team being able to make history. It’s kinda like our thing, it’s what we do from time to time, and there are lot of things to be proud of.

These Filipinas made more history over the past week, and Bolden reiterated the team’s ultimate inspiration through it all: the Filipino people.

“We did it for you guys,” Bolden declared. “At the end of the day, it’s not for us. We play for bigger reasons, and to see people come from other countries, fly over thousands of miles just to see us play is amazing.”

The Filipinas were amazing, too, and Bolden knows they can be better.

“We have a lot of learning and growing to do. We’ve been preparing for almost two years now, playing almost 40 games. It’s insane what we did, so I hope moving forward we’re able to keep this sustainable and to keep this team growing and learning," she added.

Bolden makes a fair point, and these Filipinas proved they are worth keeping together for the long haul.