March 02, 2024

Sarina Bolden's take on Filipinas' goal record will boost national team confidence

Sarina Bolden
One Sports/Paolo del Rosario

Aside from having the most iconic goals in Filipinas history, Sarina Bolden also holds the national team record with the most goals scored and the number keeps growing.

Already with 25 goals in 42 caps, the 27-year-old forward has no plans of slowing down as she tries to elevate the standards in the national team.

"I’m just gonna keep scoring, setting that bar higher and higher for others to come in and try to beat it, that’s the hope," Bolden said in a video posted by the Filipinas Instagram page.

So far, Bolden has scored at least one in all three fixtures in the Asian Games. She welcomes the friendly rivalry with teammate Quinley Quezada, who was the previous record holder for the country. Quezada has 23 goals for the Philippines. 

"Neck-and-neck with Quinley (Quezada) ‘cause we’re always going back-and-forth with, you know, the top goal scorers and stuff. I’m excited, I’m happy, just to be in this position. to be scoring still."

The Philippines will need more of Bolden if they want to continue making history in the Asian Games as the Filipinas face their toughest challenge yet against Japan in the quarterfinals later today.

Catch the do-or-die game at 7:30 p.m. live at the Pilipinas Live app.